About Us SymposiumGo

SymposiumGo is a comprehensive training expert for healthcare professionals in the Healthcare industry. Our webinars are enriched in content, latest updates and industry trends yet cost-efficient. SymposiumGo assists professionals in healthcare at many levels such as:

  • Easily gain expert guidance on their specific domain.
  • We provide an additional facility for the recorded version of the Live webinars for the professionals available in Transcripts, Recorded, and DVDs so that you manage your schedule and never miss an update.
  • We manage all training sessions online with a questionnaire session at the end connecting every professional on one platform at ease of their location.
  • SymposiumGo has brought together the best experts to guide you through Live Healthcare Training Webinar. 

Our only dedication is to create a stage for education and dialogue to discuss significant matters and hurdles of the healthcare industry as a whole from support staff to nurses to doctors. There are numerous perspectives on healthcare such as Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP), Patient Protection, Nursing Informatics, HIPAA, Process Improvement, Patient Safety, Quality Outcomes, Stark and Anti-Kickback Act, Substance Abuse, Healthcare Disclosure, Valid Consent, Electronic Health Records, Stimulus Code, Healthcare Information Exchange, Healthcare Information Technology, Insurance Claim Appeals, Personal Health Records, Electronic Transactions Standards such as 5010 and ICD-10, Clinical Decision Support. It also discusses further the Financial Management and ROI, Healthcare Information Systems, Clinical Informatics, Medical Necessity, Risk Management in the Retention and Destruction of Medical Records and Medical Records Law, and many others are covered.

We value your suggestions and have modules through which you can suggest a topic. It enables us to provide custom tailored training programs. We also have an on-demand section through which you can browse particular issues as a growing challenge in your industry. It would be gracious of you to check out these modes and provide your suggestions. You can quickly get in touch with us regarding any query or information through our customer service.

SymposiumGo assists you to expand your knowledge horizons so that you can cross your professional hurdles and emerge as a winner. Webinars explore the deepest level of your profession to help you grow and understand your responsibilities in your current role. SymposiumGo values the services offered on our end to be of quality and value to mold your lives to get ahead. We restructure our speaker panel following industry specifics and changes to adapt to your changing requirements. This setting helps us to increase your satisfaction with the deliverables but also elevate the quality of our services. Even get CEU Certifications from AAPC Certificates Providers with our webinars. We have an exciting compilation of webinars on the latest and up-to-date topics relevant to present industry trends. You can quickly browse webinars as per your respective field and product type required.