Refund & Cancellation

Mentioned below are the policies of SymposiumGo regarding cancellations, substitutions and or refunds policy:


In products only on Live Webinars cancellations are accepted.

To successfully cancel your order you should proceed through the method of canceling it at least 72 hours before the listed time of the webinar. For example, if you cancel a Live Webinar only 24 hours or even 50 hours before, it is not accepted. 

When the process is completed before 72 hours, cancellations are refundable only with a small deduction of $30 which is used for processing the refund. Please keep us informed if you didn’t attend the webinar due to any reason that to as soon as possible. 


In products only on Live Webinars substitutions are accepted.

At times, after purchase you feel that the Live Webinar you paid is not as relevant you thought it would be SymposiumGo provides you a feature to substitute it for another webinar which you find more engaging. Moreover, cancellation charges are not applicable. 

It is a simple process, and it enables you to replace a webinar with another webinar at a different time, date, or also it can be substituted for the registered participant with another person taking your place.

It is a cost-free process still keep in mind to notify us as soon as possible. 

Below are mentioned specific criteria for successful Substitutions and Cancellations:

Both Substitution & Cancellation are not permitted when the attendee missed the scheduled session also, If the participant did not receive webinar information due to issues like restricted emails, bounced emails, or any other system issues on the part of attendee as we do not offer refunds for on on-demand webinars.

Refund Policy

SymposiumGo’s refund policy is applicable on all Live, Pre-Recorded, and On-demand webinar products:

Cancellation of a webinar by SymposiumGo in case of due to any technical issue or concerned challenges, the participation fee is 100% reimbursed.

Furthermore, cancellations are not acceptable in case the client didn't receive the webinar instructions and not contacted and informed the customer service department. It is also applicable in the cases when a client does not receive the login instructions as it is your responsibility to get in touch of customer service representatives at least 24hrs before the scheduled time of the webinar. You can quickly get in touch with the customer service at support@symposiumgo.com by opening a ticket. After which we can follow-up and help you.

Refunds are also not sanctioned on the basis if the client didn’t receive the login instruction due to a system or a technical glitch on their end.

Refund Policy For DVD

100% refund will be offered to clients by SymposiumGo in case the DVD is damaged during delivery or malfunctioning. The refund is, however, is based on the evidence submitted by the clients.

100% refund will be offered to clients if the is missing or even lost during delivery.

The refund policy for Digital Downloads is also applicable on Transcripts.

The refund policy is not applicable to both products which are digital downloads and transcripts.


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