Key Points:

  • Virtual Reality                                
  • Augmented Reality
  • Healthcare IT
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Healthcare Disruptions
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Reality Immersion

Applications of Virtual Reality Technology in the Healthcare Industry


Virtual reality technology has become an exciting and growing reality when it is applied to a variety of uses in the healthcare industry. This webinar will explain in basic terms what virtual reality encompasses, the various forms it takes and the five immersive levels that exist in this specific genre of computer technology. Various aspects that influence virtual reality will be discussed and examples will be provided. Come learn how this popular gaming technology is flourishing when it is applied to healthcare treatments, trainings and operations- all while cutting healthcare costs.

Medical virtual reality technology is beginning to revolutionize four key areas of healthcare with positive results. It is improving patient health in many areas of medicine such as (and not limited to) addressing the obesity epidemic, treating macular degeneration, autism, phobias, PTSD, improving neural networks in limbs, and numerous other non-therapeutic uses such as stress, pain and sleep management. Virtual assistants can provide three major roles to drastically change healthcare delivery and increase physician satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the incidence of physician burnout.

Session Highlights:
  • Description of virtual reality technology
  • Description of augmented reality technology
  • Disruptions in healthcare
  • Four key areas where medical virtual reality is yielding positive results
  • Duties and benefits of virtual assistants
  • The concept of virtual reality immersion and the three levels of immersion
  • Five influencers of a virtual reality environment
  • Challenges instituting virtual reality technology in healthcare
Why Should You Attend?
  • Gain a basic knowledge of virtual reality technology
  • Be able to explain the ways that this technology is rapidly advancing healthcare industry practices 
  • Be able to distinguish between virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Be able to explain what a disruption is and how this disruption is revolutionizing the healthcare industry
  • Be able to explain how virtual reality is empowering patients, increasing physician satisfaction and reducing physician burnout
  • Be able to share examples of medical uses of virtual reality technology as well as non-medical therapeutic uses
  • Be able to list several applications of virtual reality technology
  • Be able to identify and describe four key areas where positive results are being made using virtual reality
  • Be able to describe the duties and benefits of virtual assistants
  • Explain virtual reality immersion and the levels of immersion
  • Be able to explain five influencers of a virtual reality environment
  • Be able to identify challenges incorporating virtual reality in healthcare
Who Should Attend?
  • Anyone desiring to learning about virtual reality technology in healthcare
  • Healthcare students and residents, medical school faculty and deans
  • Healthcare providers and professionals
  • Healthcare CEOs
  • Healthcare IT Directors and staff
  • Healthcare office managers and staff
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