Key Points:

  1. Discuss how to improve your length of stay and cost per case through better care coordination
  2. Discuss how cost across the continuum affects your hospital’s cost per case
  3. Understand where your case management department may have the biggest impact on reducing your cost and length of stay

Care Coordination: Strategies for Managing Cost and Length of Stay


This program will review the elements that most greatly impact on cost and length of stay by focusing on care coordination as one of the key strategies for successful reductions of these metrics. Care coordination, as one of the main roles of the RN case manager, is complex and includes many characteristics that encompass the role. These will be covered as well as those elements that have the greatest negative impact on care coordination. Those that have the greatest positive impact will be discussed in detail. Working with teams to enhance care coordination, as well as rounds and huddles, will be discussed. Participants will walk away with effective strategies for managing their hospital’s length of stay and cost.

Why Should You Attend?

Care coordination is one of the key, fundamental roles of the RN case manager and social worker and yet it is often left to the lowest of priorities in our daily work. As a case management professional you must think beyond utilization management and discharge planning and incorporate care coordination into your daily practice. Do you know how to affect a positive outcome in caring for your patients by ensuring that their care is coordinated and facilitated?

You will learn how to apply key strategies for reducing your hospital’s cost and length of stay. In addition, you will learn how to appreciate the role of interdisciplinary care rounds in care coordination. You will identify your hospital’s own areas of strength and weakness related to care coordination.

Finally, you will understand the role of the RN case manager in care coordination.

Topics Covered in Webinar:
  • Care coordination’s impact on length of stay and cost
  • Negative impacts on care coordination
  • Positive impacts on care coordination
  • Five key elements of care coordination
  • Strategies for evaluating your hospital’s own areas of inefficiency
  • Effective time-out processes
  • Rounds and huddles
Who Should Attend?
  • RN Case Managers
  • Social Workers
  • Directors of Case Management
  • Directors of Social Work
  • Physician Advisors
  • Directors of Finance
  • Director of Nursing<
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