Key Points:

  • Case management outcomes definition
  • Quality, financial and productivity outcomes affected by a case management department
  • Each set of outcomes, how they are measured and how to select benchmarks for them
  • How to integrate these outcomes into a useful case management report card
  • How to report case management outcomes

Case Management Outcomes Measurement for Effective Practice


This webinar will discuss and review the expected outcomes of a contemporary case management department. Also included will be a discussion as to how to align these outcomes with the hospital’s strategic plan. As you select these indicators, you will need to have clear benchmark data that represent national or local standards which you can measure yourself against. This program will include the most up-to-date case management outcome indicators in an age of healthcare reform. Also included will be a discussion of how to report this information and how to use it for performance improvement. Only data can truly tell you how you are doing and this program will help to get on track to achieving the best outcomes you possible can!

Session Highlights:
  • Describe what case management outcomes are.
  • Understand the types of outcomes and how to measure them.
  • Learn how to create your own case management report card.
Why Should You Attend:

Case management report cards are an important tool in any case management department’s arsenal.  But before you develop a report card, you need to know which data elements you want to track and trend. A comprehensive report card can become of tool for managing the staff and the department, as well as ensuring that the case management outcomes are communicated to all departments and disciplines. Careful selection of the indicators, the benchmarks and the targets will ensure that your department can show its impact on your hospital’s cost and quality outcomes and the bottom line.

Who Should Attend:
  • Case Management Director and Manager
  • Discharge Planning Director and Manager
  • Physician Advisor
  • Vice President of Case Management
  • Patient Care Services Professional
  • Quality Director and Manager
  • Social Worker and Social Service Director
  • Utilization Management Director and Manager


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