Write Winning Orthopedic Appeals that Insurance Companies Will Find Hard to Deny

Medical billing denials can seriously impact your orthopedic practice’s revenue, cash flow and operational efficiency. Do you find yourself trapped in situations where you applied all the guidelines, but the insurance carrier still denied the claim—such as by misinterpreting your documentation, or by pointing out that what was pre-authorized for the surgery was not performed?

Creating Orthopedic Appeals

Session Highlights:

This session will bring you up to speed with:

  • The contents of an effective appeal
  • References to powerfully support your appeal
  • Best steps for changing pre-authorization after surgery
  • What to do when your insurance carrier has:
    • Denied your claim for coding you believe to be correct
    • Denied your appeal
Why Should You Attend?

Learn what it takes to write an appeal that insurance companies will find hard to deny in this power-packed audio session by healthcare coding expert Lynn Anderanin. Anderanin will apprise you of the most current orthopedic denials received by practices these days, and show you how to respond appropriately to them. She will discuss hot topics such as pre-authorization, and the common situation where the pre-authorization no longer matches the procedures performed due to changes during the surgery. She will also share recent examples of appeals that have worked for some of the most common orthopedic denials—such as knee arthroscopy, office visits and injections, and spine surgery.

After attending this session, you will know what it takes to write an affective appeal. You will know how to support your appeal with proper references. Plus, you will know the best steps for changing pre-authorization after surgery.

Who Should Attend?

  • Coders
  • Billers
  • Medical Office Staff
  • Surgery Schedulers
  • Medical Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Collectors
  • Claims Adjudicators in Orthopedics
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