The rapidly changing healthcare world is altering the role of case management in terms of value-based reimbursement, the Affordable Care Act, the continuum of care, bundled payments, transitions in care, or accountable care organizations, case management. This jam-packed five-part series will be the answer to all your queries and concerns related to the modifications incorporated by CMS.  The series will render the best ways to measure the outcomes of your case management departments and its impacts on the organization

Take the series to do the necessary step for case management certification exams, or to streamline yourself on the latest topics in the field. If you are a new case manager, this series will lay the underlying stone for your successful career as being contemporary with topics and information will produce the best outcomes for you, your patients and your organization.

Fundamental in Hospital Case Management: A Boot Camp Series

Priming Acute Care Reimbursement: From DRGs to Bundled Payments
Recorded Webinar  | 90 Minutes | Toni Cesta and Beverly Cunningham

This program provides a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the DRG system used as the structure for reimbursement under the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It will review the DRG relative weights, case mix index and expected lengths of stay. The program will conclude with a discussion on bundled payments and what case management professional’s needs to know in order to assist their organization for controlling cost and length of stay in bundled payment environment for patient’s access care and use resources at any point on the continuum.

Acute Care Case Management: Roles, Functions, Models and Staffing Ratios
Recorded Webinar | 90 Minutes | Toni Cesta and Beverly Cunningham

This program will review contemporary, best practice, case management roles and models. This will be followed by a model review which will include descriptions of the two most commonly used models, the key differences between the models, as well as how they should be designed and structured. The program will conclude with a discussion of the steps needed to re-engineer a case management department and tips for identifying the best model for your organization. 

Best Practice Utilization Management: 10 Tips for Success
Recorded Webinar | 90 Minutes | Toni Cesta and Beverly Cunningham

This program will review the role of utilization management as it applies to today’s contemporary case management models. Included will be best-practice suggestions for your practice with tips and strategies for stream-lining the process and making it as efficient as it can be. Lastly, there will be a focus on incorporating the role of utilization management with the other roles of case management: resource management, discharge planning and care coordination.  

Improving Care Transitions: Discharge Planning from Admission to Community Transfer
Recorded Webinar | 90 Minutes | Toni Cesta and Beverly Cunningham

This program will review the challenges hospitals are facing for the new payment models, such as bundled payments. Strategies for safely transitioning your patients across the continuum of care will be discussed. Learn how to align with next level of care providers and ensure that your processes address the complexities of the new healthcare environment.

Case Management Outcomes Measurement for Effective Practice
Recorded Webinar | 90 Minutes | Toni Cesta and Beverly Cunningham

This program will include the most up-to-date case management outcome indicators in an age of healthcare reform. Also included will be a discussion of how to report this information and how to use it for performance improvement. Only data can truly tell you how you are doing and this program will help to get on track to achieving the best outcomes you possibly can.

Who Should Attend:
  • Director of Case Management
  • RN Case Managers
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Social Work
  • Hospitalists
  • Physician Advisors
  • Directors of Nursing 
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Vice President of Case Management
  • Patient Care Services Professional
  • Quality Director and Manager
  • Social Worker and Social Service Director
  • Utilization Management Director and Manager


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