This is a series of five webinars with all the updates and information of HIPAA by Jim Sheldon-Dean all addressed in the year 2019. Grab all the webinars at one go and let the end of the year shine your knowledge covered with all the updates published this whole year.


1. HIPAA Issues with Texting and Mobile Devices in Healthcare — Meeting Privacy and Security Rule Requirements

This session will discuss the differences between professional communications and patient communications, and how they must be treated to best serve patients, most efficiently enable communications, and remain within the bounds of HIPAA compliance when using new technologies like texting and mobile devices.

Communication in healthcare is an increasingly complex issue. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are becoming key technologies in providing healthcare services.  The use of texting is an issue of current interest as staff begins to adopt the technologies they are already used to, for use in the healthcare setting.

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2. HIPAA Audit and Enforcement Update - Latest Decisions and What To Expect in 2019

We will examine the updated 2018 HIPAA Audit Protocol as well as other questionnaires that have been used in the past and may be used to help prepare an organization for a future review.  We will present methods for using the contents of the HIPAA Audit Protocol to build your own compliance plan by extracting the contents and relating your compliance activities and documentation directly to the questions that might be asked, thereby creating a compliance management tool to ensure continued compliance improvement.

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3. HIPAA vs. SAMHSA 42 CFR Part 2 -Managing Disclosures of Substance Use Disorder Information

This session focuses on the issues of managing disclosures of health information when it may involve substance use disorder treatment information.  HIPAA allows a number of disclosures without consent that SAMHSA prohibits without specific consent.  We will explain how HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 are similar and how they’re different, and what are the additional considerations when substance use disorder information is involved. We will discuss the latest guidance from HHS and SAMHSA about harmonization of HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2, as well as recent changes to Part 2 and new legislation affecting the sharing of information for treatment when substance use disorder information is involved.

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4. HIPAA Privacy Rule Changes and Guidance - What to Focus On and What’s New in 2019

This Webinar is designed for the HIPAA professional who wishes to understand upcoming changes to HIPAA and related regulations in personal information privacy and security, as well as understand the privacy and security regulatory issues most frequently encountered in the day-to-day operation of health care entities today.  We will discuss what information and documentation must be prepared in advance so that you can be ready for an audit or enforcement review at any time, including sample information request forms and questions asked in prior audits and reviews.

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5. Texting and E-mail with Patients -- Meeting Patient Requests and Complying with HIPAA

This session will focus on the rights of individuals under HIPAA to communicate in the manner they desire, and how to decide what is an acceptable process for communications with individuals.  The session will explain how to discuss communications options with individuals so that you can best meet their needs and desires while preserving their rights under the rules.  The new 2016 guidance on individual access to information will be discussed in detail.

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Who Will Benefit?
  • Compliance Manager
  • HIPAA Privacy Officer
  • HIPAA Security Officer
  • CEO
  • Office Manager
  • HR Director
  • Privacy Officer
  • CIO
  • Records Release Manager
  • HIM Manager
  • Counsel
  • Practice Groups
  • Hospitals
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Insurers
  • Business Associates

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