This session will focus on understanding what are the changes in rules and in the healthcare landscape that a HIPAA Privacy Officer faces today, and what they should focus on to ensure compliance avoid penalties.  While the rules have been in place for years now, their focus of has changed as technologies and practices have changed, and new changes to the rules are on the horizon, concerning such topic as the provision of an Accounting of Disclosures under HIPAA.  In addition, there have been changes in other regulations that interact with HIPAA requirements, such as the rules concerning substance use disorders under 42 CFR Part 2.  The session will discuss the latest topics of interest and describe how they relate to the regulations and their enforcement today.

HIPAA Privacy Rule Changes and Guidance - What to Focus On and What’s New in 2019


This Webinar is designed for the HIPAA professional who wishes to understand upcoming changes to HIPAA and related regulations in personal information privacy and security, as well as understand the privacy and security regulatory issues most frequently encountered in day-to-day operation of health care entities today.  We will discuss what information and documentation must be prepared in advance so that you can be ready for an audit or enforcement review at any time, including sample information request forms and questions asked in prior audits and reviews. 

Discussions will include a variety of current topics, including potential changes to the rules for 2019 and changes to how healthcare communications are being transformed, including the use of mobile devices and texting, as well as such hot topics as sharing information with the family and friends of a patient when they’re involved with the patient’s care. 

Changes are expected in the Privacy Rule (about the Notice of Privacy Practices, access to information, and Accounting of Disclosures) and the Security Rule may be modified to better support Accounting of Disclosures.  New guidance will be forthcoming and coordination with 42 CFR Part 2 regarding substance use disorder program information may be improved.

Communications will remain a hot topic as more and more patients come to depend on their smart phones for all kinds of activities from appointment reminders to monitoring health indicators, and healthcare offices will come to use more and more portable wireless devices.

We will review the updated 2018 HIPAA Audit Protocol to show what documentation needs to be on hand should your organization be selected for a compliance review.  We will present methods for using the contents of the HIPAA Audit Protocol to build your own compliance plan by relating your compliance activities directly to the questions that might be asked in a review.

Session Highlights:
  • Learn about the changes to HIPAA Accounting of Disclosures rules required by the HITECH Act and  what is likely to be proposed.
  • Learn about the changes that may be made to the process of providing the Notice of Privacy Practices to patients.
  • The recent HIPAA enforcement activity will be discussed, including requirements for terminating access to external health information Web sites upon staff departures.
  • How HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 conflict and cooperate in protecting the information of patents with substance use disorders.
  • How to consider using texting within your practice to communicate with patients and for professional purposes involving health information.
  • How to use mobile devices properly to protect information and avoid reportable breaches under HIPAA.
  • The most important considerations in preventing issues with Ransomware.
Why Should You Attend?

This Webinar discusses HIPAA and how it relates to today’s issues.  The discussion will focus on the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the areas that are expected to see changes in the rules, technologies, or practices that impact HIPAA compliance.  New rules may be issued concerning the provision of an Accounting of Disclosures of health information, and concerning changes to the acknowledgement of receipt of the HIPAA notice of privacy practices. 

Patient rights and controls on uses and disclosures have been in flux, HHS has issued guidance, and other regulations related to personal information have been enacted or modified.  Healthcare entities face significant challenges with issues today that didn’t even exist a few years ago, such as insecure communications, portable devices, and Ransomware.  As opioid issues have spread, interactions with regulations on information relating to substance use disorders have taken center stage. 

And now HHS is considering more rules to help eliminate Information Blocking and make it easier for patients to access and transfer their records.  There is no shortage of topics of interest to the HIPAA Privacy Officer.

Who Should Attend?

Compliance Manager, HIPAA Privacy Officer, HIPAA Security Officer, CEO, Office Manager, HR Director, Privacy Officer, CIO, Records Release Manager, HIM Manager, Counsel

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