Key Points:

  • Modifiers
  • Audit
  • Billing/coding
  • Denials

Modifiers-How to use them correctly


There are a lot of modifiers and understanding them all can be difficult. Payers can vary in their specific rules for use of modifiers with specific HCPCS and CPT codes. We will take a deep dive into the different types of modifiers and their uses. There are a lot of payers that will trigger an audit based on over use or incorrect use of specific modifiers. Specific scenarios will be presented to the attendees to show them the difference in modifiers available to maximize revenue. We feel confident you will learn new tips and tricks for your practice that will lower denial rates and help your billing staff stay assured they are doing all they can to protect the practice and prevent future takebacks, recoupments and denials. We will also present information of how to stay on top of the everchanging rules and coverage policies.

Session Highlights:
  • Introduction of modifiers
  • Understanding the meaning of Commonly Used Terms
  • Determining Evaluation and Management (E/M) Service Modifiers
  • Discussion about Anesthesia, Surgery, Radiology, Pathology, Medicine  and Laboratory Modifiers
  • Learning Category II Codes
  • Common scenarios where modifiers are used incorrectly and adequately
Why Should You Attend?

Avoid potential audits by using appropriate modifiers. Understand the modifiers to avoid, or how to document to justify modifier usage. Be sure your billers/billing company is up to date on the rules and regulations for modifiers and when they are proper. We will go through specific scenarios when modifiers can maximize revenue in a medical practice.

Who Should Attend?

Billers, Coders, Accounts Receivable Staff, Providers (MD, DO, CRNA, PA, NP, etc.) Billing Managers, Clinic Administrators, Pre-Authorization Staff.

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