Key Points:

  • Hospital case management
  • Best-practice case management
  • Hospitalist
  • Physician Advisor: Internal and External
  • Collaboration between hospitalists and case management department
  • Collaboration between physician advisors and case management department
  • Dashboards to determine physician advisor and hospitalist outcomes

Physician Relationships with Hospital Case Management: Physician Advisors and Hospitalists


Collaboration with physicians in best-practice hospital case management departments is critical to optimal outcomes.  Two physician groups probably impact hospital case management processes and outcomes more than any other groups of physicians.  Those two groups are physician advisors and high-volume physician admitters. The high-volume physician admitter group in many hospitals includes hospitalists.  This webinar will focus on those two groups and the value they offer to a successful case management department.

The hospital physician advisor can be a varied role.  These physicians, while working with the case management department, may also have responsibility for interfacing with clinical decision integrity (CDI) program and quality initiatives. There may be either external physician advisors, internal physician advisors, or a hybrid group supporting a case management department’s utilization management and regulatory functions.  Not many physicians are prepared for this unique role.  Additionally, few case managers or case management leaders are well-prepared for implementing and/or collaborating with physicians in this role.

With value-based reimbursement, the collaborative role of the physician advisor is one of the lynchpins to assist the case management department and practicing physicians to positively impact hospital outcomes.  The interaction of a physician advisor with attending and consulting physicians can assist practicing physicians in understanding the often confusing and challenging rules and regulations from CMS, other regulating bodies and managed care contracts.

The past twenty years hospitalists have been functioning in acute care hospitals with the initial goal of decreasing length of stay.  As the role of the hospitalist has evolved there has been increased attention to their collaboration with case managers and social workers to ensure not only a decreased length of stay, but compliance to federal and state regulations, and following contractual agreements with commercial payers.

For these processes to be optimal and best-practice, there must be strong leadership in both the hospitalist group(s) and the case management department. 

There are not always hospitalist dashboards to show the outcomes and to allow development of strategies to improve those outcomes not being met.

This webinar will focus on the roles of the physician advisor and hospitalist, as well as strategies to ensure the roles are implemented effectively.  There will be a focus on effective interaction with these two groups by case management leadership and staff—an important process to ensure optimal outcomes.

Session Highlights:
  • Discussion of physician impact on case management outcomes
  • Hospitalists
    • Review of hospitalist role
    • Examine critical strategies for collaborating with hospitalists
    • Multidisciplinary team process for hospitalists, RN case managers and social workers
    • Best practices for auditing hospitalist and case management collaboration
    • Hospitalist dashboard 
  • Physician Advisor
  • Review of physician advisor role
  • Examine critical strategies for collaborating with both internal and external physician advisors
  • Best practices for auditing physician advisor activities
  • Review the role of the physician advisor and the Utilization Review Committee
Why Should You Attend?

Attendees will understand the roles of the hospitalist and physician advisor and their collaboration responsibility with the case management department—RN case managers, social workers and leadership.

RN case managers, social workers and case management leaders should understand the roles of these physicians, steps to ensure collaboration, to ensure compliance with federal regulations, decreasing length of stay, and methods to improve case management outcomes with the effective integration of these two roles.  

This webinar will focus on methods to ensure best-practice strategies for aligning the case management department with hospitalist and physician advisor practices and roles.

  • Understand the roles of physician advisors and hospitalists in relation to a hospital case management department.
  • Discuss best strategies for effective case management collaboration with physician advisors and hospitalists.
  • Identify best-practice for developing a hospitalist dashboard.
  • Identify best-practice for auditing effective physician advisor impact.
Who Should Attend?

Directors of Case Management, RN Case Managers, Directors of Social Work, Social Workers, Hospitalists and Hospitalist Leaders, Physician Advisors, Directors of Nursing, Chief Medical Officers, Senior Leaders of Hospitalists, Senior Leaders of Case Management Departments


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