Key Points:

  • Prolonged Service
  • Office Visit
  • Hospital Visit
  • Revenue Cycle

Prolonged Service Codes


Gain an understanding of the prolonged service codes that take place within health care and appropriately document what is needed. Prolonged service codes exist to allow for additional payment to the provider for time spent above and beyond typical times. Learn how to capture missed revenue opportunities with prolonged clinical staff services that involve the physician or other qualified health care professionals. These codes exist to help the physician capture essential time that is spent with him/her involved in the care plan their patients.  Documenting time is essential. We have codes to describe supervision of prolonged services for physicians and other qualified health care professionals in both 'face to face' and 'non face to face' situations. Prolonged services are part of that compliance.

Session Highlights:
  • Understanding prolonged services with and without direct patient contact
  • Place of service as it relates to Inpatient or observation setting
  • Understanding a Pre-operative clearance visit
  • Office Visit  (45 minute Service)
  • Hospital Visit (60-80 Minute Service)
  • Figuring out the instances in which these codes can be used
  • How prolonged services relate to telemedicine
Why Should You Attend?

A full understanding of these codes may help your practice capture dollars that you have been losing unintentionally. Protect your revenue cycle by expanding your knowledge on these codes for the work that your clinician is most likely already doing but not receiving payment. It is imperative that we perform accurate and correct coding and billing. Understanding what a prolonged service is, How to properly document the time within the patients record, Creating your own time chart for the office as a reference. How to capture the correct information for time spent with the patient, so that the physician and practice get paid!

Who Should Attend?

Office Managers, Coders, Billers, Administrators, Revenue Cycle Team Members, Physicians and anyone that can potentially bill these codes.

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