Key Points:

  • Telemedicine
  • Telehealth
  • M-Health
  • Communication Technologies

Telemedicine in Healthcare


Healthcare industry is consistently updating with various technologies which are swiftly affecting the way patient care work. The advent of telemedicine is also another update to the technology counterpart of communicating with a patient. The development of telemedicine comprises a telecommunication process with a patient where he can freely communicate with a practitioner through any electronic medium.

The session will provide the attendees with the latest telemedicine technologies which will efficiently help your practice to grow economically. By providing telemedicine services, your organization can beneficially help its employees, patients and their families as well as cater to your personal healthcare needs. One of the essential features of telemedicine in healthcare is that it offers reach. Telemedicine provides an excellent opportunity for numerous people situated in remote locations with less or no healthcare providers.

The primary aim of such services is also to provide 24*7/365 services to patients who cannot visit the hospital premise on a daily or weekly basis. The technology has a positive impact on the patients as well as the healthcare industry and its physician.

Session Highlights:

  • Definitions for telemedicine, telehealth, and m-health
  • Technology interest, use, and outlook
  • Global telemedicine technology outlook
  • Telemedicine technologies
  • Telehealth lines of communication
  • Disasters and Addictions
  • Healthcare provider burnout
  • Telemedicine options for employees
  • Telemedicine company examples
  • Continuing provider education
  • Telemedicine barriers
Why Should You Attend?
  • Gain basic knowledge of telemedicine technology.
  • Gain the ability to describe telemedicine technology interest and use.
  • Distinguish between telemedicine, telehealth, and m-Health.
  • Explain how telemedicine is rapidly advancing the healthcare industry.
  • Identify the technologies used to deliver telemedicine communications.
  • Discuss how telemedicine provides healthcare in a variety of settings.
  • Explain how telemedicine reaches patients where traditional health services fail.
  • Explain how telemedicine is empowering patients, increasing physician satisfaction and reducing physician burnout.
  • Share how telemedicine is reducing health care costs.
  • Explain the efficiencies of telemedicine to quickly provide care.
  • Identify the two types of telemedicine provider communications.
  • Explain how telemedicine works to provide healthcare in natural and manmade disasters.
  • Share examples of medical uses of telemedicine technology in medical and mental/behavioral health use.
  • Identify and discuss several telemedicine companies, note their similarities and differences, and what they offer.
  • Discuss the global market projected for telemedicine.
  • Explain the employer telehealth benefit options.
  • Identify barriers of telemedicine in healthcare.
Who Should Attend?

Anyone desiring to learning about telemedicine in healthcare, Healthcare students and residents, medical school faculty and deans, Healthcare providers and professionals , Healthcare CEOs, Healthcare IT Directors and staff, Healthcare office managers and staff, Human Resources manager and staff, MD, DO, PA, ARNP, RN, LPN, RHIA, RHIT, COO

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