Key Points:

  • Telemedicine
  • Telehealth
  • M-Health
  • Communication Technologies

Telemedicine in Healthcare


Technology has had many positive effects on today’s world, making it a better place. Technology has made great strides specifically improving healthcare and healthcare delivery with telemedicine.

Telemedicine is a rapidly expanding global concept that is helping healthcare in many ways to provide timely, reasonably priced care to patients. This webinar will describe the differences between telemedicine, telehealth and m-health (mobile health) so the attendee can easily understand and distinguish between the different terms.

The global telemedicine outlook will be shared using future projection estimates in terms of dollars through the year 2025. The interest in, uses for and the outlook for telemedicine technology will be discussed in percentages to describe the eleven types of technology used, the level of interest, rankings, current use and more. The types of technology include video-based therapy, mobile apps for treatment and computerized screening/assessments among others.

The different technologies used to deliver telemedicine to patients will be noted and discussed. Commonly used technologies are widespread globally and lend themselves well to telemedicine uses.

Telehealth provider communications take place between different groups of people and technologies. These lines of communication will be described along with the purposes for them.

Global man-made and natural disasters often create real challenges when healthcare needs arise. Telemedicine can come to the rescue, enabling the healthcare provider to address the situation from a safe vantage point during and after the crisis. Once the crisis is over, and reality sets in, people often need help to cope with the aftereffects of the event. Telemedicine can help with the post-crisis recovery process.

Addiction is a huge problem currently with the well-publicized opioid epidemic. Opioids and addictions such as alcohol, gambling and smoking are treatable via telemedicine techniques discussed in this presentation.

Time is highly valued. No one seems to have enough of it. There is a physician shortage that is projected to worsen. Physician waiting rooms are full of people that have long waits for their appointments. Emergency rooms end up caring for some patients that are often not true emergencies. Learn how telemedicine can assist with those issues.

Burnout is a serious concern due to the physician shortage. See how telemedicine is helping to reduce burnout from happening and how it can help physicians who are burned out.

See how healthcare providers and healthcare students can receive education and continuing education via electronic means, saving time and reduced travel costs.

Healthcare costs continue to rise, and people struggle to pay their bills. Telemedicine can be a cost-effective way to reduce healthcare costs and make care more affordable.

Learn what some telemedicine companies are doing, how they operate and how they are changing the healthcare industry. Some telemedicine companies are designed to treat specific patient groups for specific purposes.

Employers face rising health costs as well. See how telemedicine is working for organizations to reduce staff healthcare costs, cut lost work time and promote wellness.

If you can relate to some of the healthcare issues discussed above, then this webinar is well suited for your needs!

Session Highlights:

  • Definitions for telemedicine, telehealth, and m-health
  • Technology interest, use, and outlook
  • Global telemedicine technology outlook
  • Telemedicine technologies
  • Telehealth lines of communication
  • Disasters and Addictions
  • Healthcare provider burnout
  • Telemedicine options for employees
  • Telemedicine company examples
  • Continuing provider education
  • Telemedicine barriers
Why Should You Attend?

This webinar will inform attendees on the latest telemedicine technologies that are rapidly and successfully being incorporated into the global healthcare industry. Telemedicine can efficiently and economically help your organization, the employees of the organization, your family, and lastly, your personal healthcare needs.

Telemedicine reaches patients in some ways that traditional healthcare cannot. Learn how telemedicine offers healthcare opportunities to a greater number of people in a variety of settings from addictions to natural and man-made disasters to remote locations with no healthcare providers. The positive impact of telemedicine will be identified for patients, physicians and the healthcare industry.

Join us as we explore some companies that are offering telemedicine technologies. Learn about market growth in telemedicine and its future projected potential.

This webinar will discuss the barriers to telemedicine and changes that have come about to resolve some of the issues identified.  

Attendees will be able to:

  • Gain basic knowledge of telemedicine technology
  • Gain the ability to describe telemedicine technology interest and use
  • Distinguish between telemedicine, telehealth and m-health 
  • Explain how telemedicine is rapidly advancing the healthcare industry 
  • Identify the technologies used to deliver telemedicine communications
  • Discuss how telemedicine provides healthcare in a variety of settings
  • Explain how telemedicine reaches patients where traditional health services fail
  • Explain how telemedicine is empowering patients, increasing physician satisfaction and reducing physician burnout
  • Share how telemedicine is reducing health care costs
  • Explain the efficiencies of telemedicine to quickly provide care
  • Identify the two types of telemedicine provider communications
  • Explain how telemedicine works to provide healthcare in natural and manmade disasters
  • Share examples of medical uses of telemedicine technology in medical and mental/behavioral health uses
  • Identify and discuss several telemedicine companies, note their similarities and differences, and what they offer
  • Discuss the global market projected for telemedicine
  • Explain employer telehealth benefit options
  • Identify barriers of telemedicine in healthcare
Who Should Attend?

Anyone desiring to learning about telemedicine in healthcare, Healthcare students and residents, medical school faculty and deans, Healthcare providers and professionals , Healthcare CEOs, Healthcare IT Directors and staff, Healthcare office managers and staff, Human Resources manager and staff, MD, DO, PA, ARNP, RN, LPN, RHIA, RHIT, COO

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